Sign up for B.A.R.T. Tournament

Welcome to the new sign up page for B.A.R.T. 2019. Please read the explanation carefully before continuing to the subscriptions:

When filling in this form please fill in as much as you know and what you expect. It is possible to change things later by emailing

It isn’t possible to sign up a team with less than 7 players. It is possible to add players afterwards, unless the tournament is already full.

After filling in the information required you will need to choose for a downpayment of €15,20 per participant (40% of the full ticket price). Or the full payment of €38 per participant. It is not possible to get a refund on the downpayment if you withdraw. Your signup is only fully completed when the full payment is made. This must be done before the 15th on May.

The payment options are iDeal, Creditcard and Bancontact. For iDeal there is no transaction fee. With Creditcard and Bancontact you need to pay a transaction fee of 1,8% and 0,9%. To compensate for the transaction fee, we will give the team 1 lottery ticket per 50 cent transaction fee. The lottery, with multiple wonderful prizes, will be held on the Saturday evening of the tournament.

All filled in information will only be used for the purpose of the sign up to B.A.R.T. Tournament 2019 and will not be shared with third parties.

If there are any questions regarding the sign up or payment please contact:

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